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After peeling off the mask, I am impressed by how moisturised my skin became— visibly plumper and brighter. My skin tone became more balanced with lesser red patches and lesser small bumps. Overall, I felt great! The mask did successfully nourished my skin well by balancing the pH within. Although the serum is infused with many precious natural ingredients, it is surprisingly non-sticky and non-greasy at all.


I ordered the Hydration Bio Mask and I was amazed at how nice the smell is! I have never experience any mask that smell as nice as this! The texture feels great and will be using it weekly as a treat! O did I mention that it smells fantastic!! 

Julie Tan

I love this stuff! I have been using Venus Skin daily for a few months now. The jelly texture feel is something new and felt very comfortable on my face. I was able to continue doing my daily tasks while having the mask on. The ingredient is soft on the face and doesn't feel like too much chemical. No problems so far! Smells so nice too!